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'Born Tauheed Epps in 1977, 2 Chainz has grown to become a fine American professional rapper. He grew up in Georgia where he gained popularity for being one of the Southern hip hop duo Playaz Circle. The other duo member of the group was his long-time friend and fellow rapper Earl "Dolla" Conyers. The duo is well known for its debut rap song titled 'Duffle bag Boy'. His rap career started in early 1997 at College Park, Georgia. He collaborated with Earl to record their first ever music album titled 'United We Stand, United We Fall 'in 2002. Later on, 2 Chainz together with his rap mate Earl was introduced to the leading Atlanta Rapper, Ludacris when he moved into his college Park apartment. At that time, Ludacris was still performing as a DJ. Ludacris had an interest in Playaz, and that is how the duo ended up recording songs with him. Most of the songs they recorded were played on Ludacris' radio station. After becoming the leading Southern US rapper, Ludacris requested 2 Chainz and Conyers to join his recording studio labeled 'Disturbing Tha Peace'. He agreed and their debut album titled 'Supply & demand' was officially released in 2007. 2 Chainz released his single debut album titled 'Based on a T.R.U Story' in August 2012 after signing a solo recording deal with Def Jam Recordings, an affiliate of Universal Music Group. The album drew mixed reactions from his fans. His first album featured some of his best-selling singles namely 'No Lie, I'm Different' 'and Birthday Song.' The three singles charted in the top 50 of Billboard Hot 100 songs. His second studio album was released in 2013 which was titled 'B.O.A.T.S.II: Me Time 'featuring some other fan-favorite singles such as 'Used 2' and the much watched 'Feds Watching'. In 2016, 2 Chainz released an EP titled 'Felt like Cappin'. The EP was released via online digital media streaming sites.'''

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